Kings For The Week

We recently sent two of our volunteer coaches – Brian Whaley and Brian Rabena – to Level II First Tee Coach Training in Sacramento.  The training was hosted by The First Tee of Greater Sacramento and took place at Haggin Oaks Golf Course.  Both coaches had previously attended Level I training, a requirement to attend Level II.  Whaley and Rabena both coach classes in Fresno on Saturdays, at Bluff Pointe and Airways respectively.  If you see either coach thank them for their commitment to our programs and congratulate them on attending Level II Coach Training.

Rabena (left) Whaley (right)

Rabena (left) Whaley (right)

Whaley Recounts His Experience Below

“The coach training was good, very much along the same lines as Level I, but emphasized Birdie Level Life Skills such as STAR (Stop, Think, Anticipate, Respond).  We had a wide range of coaches – age and geographic location. It was fun meeting new people, and speaking strictly for my group, we wound up doing a lot of laughing and joking among one another like we had known each other for quite a while…. Goal setting, a Birdie Level Life Skill, was one of the new concepts introduced, and we learned how to use the goal setting continuum and to differentiate between process, performance and product.  Hopefully Brian [Rabena] and I can both use the training to boost our level of coaching along with having the ability to coach birdie classes when needed…” Coach Whaley

It's all in the hips!

It’s all in the hips!

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